September is one of the trickiest months to dress for. It’s really a fashion crossroads with one foot left in summer and the other stepping right into fall.  . . Theres a slight chill in the air that gets defeated by the afternoon heat making it difficult to know which side to land on.  . ... View Post
  • Hot Girl Summer? More like Hot Girl SEPTEMBER!

    Yes, the weather’s cooling down but that doesn’t mean you have to!  . . On the FIRST DAY of NEW YORK FASHION WEEK there’s no better time to SLAY with these High Key Looks! . . Fall 2019 promises to have you looking Snatched!  . . Now lets dive into the trend pool and go for a whirl xoxo . .... View Post
  • These 3 Looks Will Make You Look Forward to Fall!

    Summer is coming to an end in a couple of weeks, but this year there's no need for the end-of-summer-blues. . . Just because the weather is cooling off, it doesn't mean you have to! These three looks will transition you from Summer to Fall seamlessly! So seamlessly, you won't even miss it a... View Post